Fiddler full of /vshub/ requests

Recently, when debugging with Fiddler and Visual Studio 2015, I got a lot of requests in the Fiddler list, that weren’t relevant for the work I wanted to accomplish. Actually, they were making a mess, preventing me from finding the desired requests to inspect.
I am talking about the /vshub/… requests, and I mean really a lot of them, like dozens in a second, e.g.:

POST http://localhost:49154/vshub/5ea6f87905c041b1a00858e9649e3c8e/

However, one can easily filter out those requests in Fiddler, using the Filter tab. It is located in the upper part of the right pane, near the “Inspectors” tab:
Fiddler filter

Then, you have to:

  1. check the box for “Use filters”,
  2. go to the “Request headers” section
  3. check the box for “Hide if URL contains”
  4. in the textbox next to the checkbox “hide if URL contains”, enter the part of the unwanted URL, e.g. /vshub/ :Fiddler filter VSHUB

The requests should be hidden immediately. If not, try to restart Fiddler.

Hope this helps.

~ by Łukasz on 9 February 2016.

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